in.sight Ovation Awards

Trimble customers are proven innovators – constantly evolving to save money, improve efficiency, and streamline your operations. We want to recognize you.

The in.sight Ovation Awards celebrate customers who are driving innovation in the transportation industry in new and inspiring ways. By driving higher levels of ROI, developing more efficient integration processes, building custom-tailored applications, creating safer roads by reducing accidents, and taking analytics to a new level, in.sight Ovation Award winners set trends, pursue innovation, and transform their organizations into leaders in the industry. The in.sight Ovation Awards Ceremony, held during the Customer Appreciation Celebration at the in.sight user conference + expo, is where we showcase their achievements.

Ready to share your innovation story?

Here are the categories for the 2020 in.sight Ovation Awards:

Analytics Achievers

Best in Data Utilization

This award recognizes organizations that have solved a challenging business problem through innovative use of data and analytics, resulting in tangible improvements to their processes or operations.

Automation All-Stars

Best in Improving Overall Efficiencies

This award highlights companies that have harnessed the power of technology to automate business processes, eliminating paperwork, and reduce human oversight.

Masters of Uptime

Best in Keeping Assets Up and Running

This award celebrates organizations that have implemented Trimble solutions to increase uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize the utilization of their equipment.


Best Return on Investment

This award recognizes organizations that have realized tangible, dollar savings by successfully implementing technology to achieve results throughout their operations.

Rookies of the Year

Best Up and Comer

This award honors organizations that are new to Trimble within the last 12 months and have enthusiastically adopted new solutions and are seeing results.

Safety Superteam

Best in Advancing Safety

This award salutes organizations that have achieved improvement in overall safety by reducing accidents and improving operations to make the roads safer for everyone.

Platform Powerhouse

Best Example of a Trimble Transportation Power User

This award honors organizations that have realized the full potential of Trimble Transportation, taking a holistic approach and crushing business problems with creativity and a host of Trimble solutions.